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A fresh coat of paint, in just the right color, can dramatically transform the interior or exterior of your home. If you have spent far too long looking at faded and cracked siding or a color you can’t stand on your walls, the residential painters at Valentine Painting & Decorating are here to help you. As the Charlotte area’s foremost painting contractor, we are experts at each and every step of the painting process. It begins with color selection, where we can assist you in finding vibrant colors that will perfectly complement your home’s style and decoration. Once the actual painting begins, we will ensure that the project is completed quickly while protecting your furniture and home structure. We ensure 100% satisfaction on every service we provide. Begin your home’s transformation today by trusting the professionals at Valentine Painting.

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As the son of a professional painting contractor, I learned all aspects of the trade at an early age. I then began my own painting company in 1989. Today, serving the greater Charlotte area, Valentine Painting is comprised of a team of professionals who specialize in each venue of painting:  interior and exterior painting, faux and decorative finishes, commercial finishes, furniture and cabinet finishes, restorations, wall coverings, and custom moldings. Go to About Us.

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